Yoga and meditation retreats in spectacular Australian locations, a synthesis of luxury and wilderness,
woven together with heart.


Through embodied practices and mindful movement, as well as many other immersive experiences, workshops and techniques, Lara and Brooke hope to ignite a spark within participants that changes their very way of being into one that is more open, joyful and more connected to themselves and others.

"We believe that to find the real person you have to go Back 2 Roots."


Back2Roots Retreats was born out of Lara Zilibowitz and Brooke Elliston's shared passion for embodied movement, mindful meditation and ancient yogic philosophy.

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Hawaii Retreat

Yoga, meditation, nature, art and music... surrounded by breathtaking volcanic coastline and tropical jungle... this 6-day immersion on The Big Island of Hawaii is a once in a lifetime.

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Bellingen is calling again! Back by popular demand, we'll be returning this spring to one of our favourite pockets of paradise on the planet in November...

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Bali retreat

We're bounding back to Bali! For 6 days, 5 nights of yoga, meditation, music, traditional ceremony and adventure, in our very own luxury private villa on the beach. 21st April - 26th April 2018.

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Click below for some highlights from Back2Roots Retreat Jervis Bay, 2016

“Many people may think that a good yoga retreat is a simple formula - start with yoga classes, add in healthy food, throw in a beautiful location, make sure the beds are comfortable and give your guests plenty of down time. This isn’t a retreat. This is a nice holiday. What they don’t realise is to make it a success and more than JUST a holiday, you also need to include passion, real life lessons that can be taken off the mat, encouragement and enthusiasm along with a healthy dose of solid and approachable spirituality that makes everyone feel comfortable and loved not alienated or overwhelmed. And this is exactly what Lara and Brooke have achieved with not only their practices, but with Back2Roots.
These retreats are therapy for the soul - like a steaming mug of home made pumpkin soup that warms you up from the inside out and lines your insides with the goodness and energy you need to face the everyday world. Lara and Brooke’s passion, love and rock-solid approach to facing life and everything it comes with is something everyone can learn and benefit from. I’ll continue to come back for more!”
— Sariyah, Senior Account Manager

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