I feel like I could write an entire book on the three days we spent together; moving through amazing practices each day, opening hearts and minds to the incredible community we built. Enjoying the natural surroundings with respect and admiration, was icing on the cake to a spectacular time.

I left feeling nourished from the inside out and with an even greater love for yoga than I started the retreat with. We were constantly treated with food fuelling both our bodies and souls. Lara and Brooke did so well in bringing together a retreat that will stick with me for a lifetime! I cannot wait until the next one!


Lara and Brooke are an incredibly symbiotic duo. Together they provide everything you need to progress your yoga and meditation practice and they open your eyes, ears, heart and mind to new ideas about how to get around this world. I came in feeling floaty and strange; I left feeling grounded and powerful.



Eternally grateful for the gifts you have both shared with us on this retreat - your knowledge, wisdom, the insights you have encouraged during the yoga and meditation, the divine food, the magic farm, luxurious yurts (seriously the most glamourous tents I have ever seen).  

Words cannot even come close to describe my feelings about Back2Roots - my first retreat experience.  You have set the bar high for anything else on my journey!  What is particularly special is the way in which you've gathered together an incredible tribe of people around you, many of whom brought their own gifts to the experience.  It was magical.

Phoebe Kirkwood, Nectar Creative Therapies

Back2Roots Bellingen Retreat was exactly where I needed to be and it came at exactly the  right time for me. Once I had booked the retreat, I found myself questioning 'who am I to deserve a retreat?' It wasn't until I experienced a sense of flow, a shift in consciousness & a great renewal of energy from the retreat that I realised that I really couldn't afford not to receive something so special. Both Lara & Brooke have such a grace about them, from their beautifully poetic teachings, to their ability to take you through an alchemical transformation, through postures that your body didn't even know it was yearning for. 

There was such a finely tuned balance of everything at this retreat ~ happy, soulful people, animals, nature, creativity, delicious food & time to take it all in. Thank you Back2RootsRetreat for a magical experience! 


Brooke and Lara have developed a profoundly nurturing and moving retreat, one which offers genuine connection with each other, but also with your own self! From the moment I arrived I felt all of my stresses lift off my shoulders and fly away. 

The Bellingen backdrop was breathtakingly beautiful; glamping gives you the best of immersing in nature while having a super comfy mattress cradle you as you rest each night. And the food?! Where do I even BEGIN with the food! Ceaselessly inventive and delicious meals and snacks that sustain and nourish both body and soul.

Go deeper into your practice, go deeper into yourself, and come out the other side a brighter, cleaner, more loving and compassionate version of yourself.

Get back to your roots! :)