Yummy yoga classes are now up online, so that you can move with Brooke and Lara at home!

During their European tour in 2018, Lara and Brooke visited Sweden to film with an inspired company called YOGOBE ~ whose mission is to share high-quality yoga & meditation classes, workshops, modules and even continued education courses from renowned teachers all around the world.

The girls are grateful and excited to join this global community of content sharing and we would so love for you to try thier online classes.

There are 12 signature saucy sequences up online (6 with Lara, 6 with Brooke) for you to bend and groove with :))

More classes coming in July 2019!

Yogobe.com have also provided a special code so you can get a whole month of practice for free using the campaign code: 


“ When my two most treasured Yoga teachers, Lara and Brooke, released their online classes on Yogobe.com, it was such blessing that came into my life. I had just broken my wrist, which meant I was unable to drive to my Yoga studio let alone practise much Yoga at all! However their videos gave me an opportunity to incorporate guided practices into my daily life and adjust as I needed with my injury. As my wrist healed and I was able to practise without injury again, I realised how much my personal Yoga practise was deepening and evolving with Lara and Brooke’s guided flows, especially in my sacred space and energy at home.

I began to fall in love with the freedom of choosing which flow I felt I intuitively needed for that day, practising any time of the day, and in my pjs or whatever I wanted!

The specific sequences Lara and Brooke have created are extremely powerful and healing, and continued to shift my energy profoundly, holding space to process and release anything that needed to be. Being able to practise in my own sacred space and energy also allowed my own deep intuitive insight to flow through without the hindrance of other people’s energy at studios. Their online classes have become such an integral part of my journey and daily life, and my heart is so deeply grateful for this gift of medicine, freedom and expression they have bought into my journey through their online classes and can’t recommend them enough!”

~ Genevieve Davis